Michelle Yun

shapeimage_5Michelle Yun received her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from CUNY York College in 2012. Michelle joined the Holford lab in June 2009. She studied the phylogeny of potentially medically important Terebridae snails and currently assists in the curation of the Terebridae collection at AMNH. Michelle also collaborated with CUNY/AMNH graduate student, Lauren Esposito from Dr. Lorenzo Prendini’s group to reinvestigate the phylogeny of the medically important African buthid scorpion Parabuthus. Her project involved a comparative analysis of the venom peptides from Conus and Parabuthus. She will be leaving the Holford lab in July 2012 to begin her studies in pharmacy at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Vermont Campus.

email: holfordlab@hunter.cuny.edu  | 212.369.6687

Holford Laboratory at CUNY Hunter College